I thought I would touch on the poem “Ode on Periods”

As someone who does not experience menstruation, I was actually quite interested in the poetic content. All that I know on the subject is that it is not very enjoyable.

I was confused about the Aristotle line, as it was the first thing that I was curious about. I want to know why he never thought of women at all.

Later in the poem she addresses the boring standard menstruation traditions in poetry.

A little bit of thought on the flow of the poem, I thought it interesting she starts out very blatant and easy to understand, then she seemingly goes off track and gets deeper and more metaphorical, the there is the two lines on the bottom of the page (26) she then starts to be more of talking to us instead of writing poetry. She is almost embracing the stereotypical things that someone like me, a 19 year old guy, understands about menstruation. I never grew up with sisters or girl cousins so I thought that this poem was quite interesting. That may be construed as weird.

I Was Dreaming

As I have read the collection of Cortez, I found that “I Was Dreaming” was a favorite of mine. First, I thought it was interesting that a poem with dreaming in the title was the final poem of the book. A poem about a bird. A poem that o think everyone can relate to. I feel like everyone has felt like they’re annoying, uncool, and different. And the pigeon is a figure that is always associated with an inconvenience and filth. But the pigeon does not care, the pigeon is a pigeon, and that can and should not change. I felt a very positive message, that even the ugly grey pigeon, still feels beautiful and is forever proud of being who it is.

Response to I am New York City

When I sat down to listen to Jayne read I am New York City, put in my headphones and shut my eyes. I tried as best as I could to picture being in the city as she read the poem aloud. Through the metaphors and references I was able to see a city, thought I’ve never been to New York. With the string bass in the background, and her rushed and forceful words, I got the sense of a busy, loud, and hard city on a windy day. Just snaps of life as she read the descriptions.

With all that film and television has done in New York, it was easy to relate to the poem. There is a lot of grit in the words, she really gets all the senses mixed into her metaphors.

I can’t seem to find my poetry journal, and I’m not sure how overdone hip-hop is in a poetry class, but this is one of my favorite songs based on content and lyrics.



The two books I looked at were written either entirely by Seth Parker or co-written with Ali Osborn.

It was not the best poetry I’ve read. It was obscure and different and deep, but it didn’t mean anything to me. I couldn’t understand it. Really there were just some cool lines, but all in all it was nonsense.

I possibly could have understood more if I knew the authors a little bit, but even the titles gave no clue. Not a fan.


I did an anagram of my first and last name

Richard Altovilla: I told a RV call hair

Clouds Have Souls That Feed On Young Flesh